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Every day's a new adventure: the world is waiting for you....

There's always something to do on-board or on-shore when you're living on a cruise ship. Explore ancient ruins, do a class with one of the expert teachers in some of the destinations you visit, learn to make pizzas with Italian chefs, snorkel with Manta Rays or explore some hidden grotto on a deserted beach in the Greek Islands. Learn how to dance in Fiji and partake in a lovo feast (pit cooking). There are so many options and Cruise Retirement can help you explore them all. There's sitting at home looking out at a scenery that never changes or there's a different lifestyle where every day brings new horizons and cultural experiences.



Great Journeys and Fascinating Places from your Doorstep.

Let us show you the world in a different way. At the core of our company, we believe in creating close ties with each customer to best understand their travel needs and preferences

Cruise Retirement offers a long-term, live-aboard Residential Cruise experience where you can purchase a Residence for long-term occupancy.

Whether you want to backpack through Europe or are preparing that romantic second honeymoon, Cruise Retirement is your launch-pad to do this.

You'll be sailing the World's oceans and living a life of exploration and excitement.

Visit those places that were until only recently available only to people on a short-term basis.

Give us a call and start your journey today!

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